Secureboxoffice - Don't fall for this scam

San Juan Capistrano, California 2 comments
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We used to purchase tickets to the San Diego, Wicked show. We were told very clearly that we were purchasing tickets in the front row of the Mezz level. We paid just under $400 for 4 tickets. When got the the show we were seated in the second to the last row. Upon further inspection the tickets has a $42 face value. We called to request a refund and give them a chance to fix the problem. They refused and offered only excuses. "It's against our policy to specify a certain seat." But they did, repeatedly.

This was an event the my wife had been looking forward to for years, a very special occasion. We had to save our money and make special plans to have someone watch our kids. Sadly the event was marred by this dishonest business. I wish I would have done a simple Google search and reviewed the site first. Many, many people have had a terrible experience with them.

Don't risk it, don't be scammed by Don't give them the chance to ruin your special occasion like they did to us, because they will.

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This response from Secure Box office is an outright lie.

Be Warned: We did not get the correct tickets and they did not offer any compensation for cheating us. There was no miscommunication, they told us we would get specific seats and then we received $40 seats that we paid more than $120 a piece for.

If you do your homework you will see negative reviews all over the internet. Do not buy tickets from this group, you will be sorry.

They are trying to cloud the issue by posting these responses around the internet and I am fighting back.



I work for SecureBoxOffice customer support and wanted to publicly respond to the concerns you've raised.

Firstly, it is against our policies to guarantee specific seats in a zone for theater events. It is impractical for us to do so, and support representatives are never encouraged to do it.

We did follow up with the representative who handled this order, and also reviewed the details to verify that you received the correct tickets, which our data shows you did.

It is true that ticket prices on our marketplace can exceed face value, which is stated clearly on our website. The event you purchased tickets for was sold out, and as a result, the ticket seller priced the tickets according to their market value.

We do apologize for any miscommunication that resulted in a negative experience for you or your family. If you still feel as if there has been an error, please dont hesitate to call us at (888) 546-8561. Thank you.

Secureboxoffice - DO NOT BUY TICKETS FRAUD!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments
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My 18 year daughter purchased tickets through PRESTIGE ENTERTAINMENT VIA SECURE BOX OFFICE.COM for Beauty and The Beast at The Academy of Music.She ordered section and seats that were unobstructed views before Christmas and received them March.

Tickets are obstructed view and the worst seats in the Theater! She paid $350 for two ticktets!!

(she is naive and didn't know!) We talked to Prestige and Secure Box Office and they basically down right Lied and gave us the run around!I called The Academy of Music and they informed me that both these company's are Scalper's and they could not help us.

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Secureboxoffice - Secure Box Office Scam

Edmonton, Alberta 1 comment
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Bought tickets online through secureboxoffice.Paid $114 for each ticket PLUS $23.94 in service fee's PLUS $40 in express delivery.

I get the tickets in the mail with a price tag of $65!!!! I phone to complain and ask WTF and I get a huge runaround with no one offering to fix anything. BEWARE!!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

I will NEVER buy from them again and will tell EVERYONE I know to stay as far away from this company as they can!!!! I wasn't even asking for my money back, just to upgrade me to the main floor...the tickets I was supposed to be buying!!! But nope. They won't even contact u back.

I had to phone the number and click on the number that said I wanted to purchase tickets. I got someone within one ring!!! I even talked to the supervisor but nope.

She didn't care at all.BEWARE!!!!!!

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Hello Tabi22,

I wanted to respond to some of your concerns about our service.First, it is true that ticket prices on our marketplaces can exceed face value.

This is stated in multiple locations on the site and checkout including directly above the ticket listings. Ticket marketplaces are not a scam, but rather an opportunity for customers to shop the widest variety of tickets available on the market.

Second, we cannot upgrade customers for free because we do not own the tickets you purchase - the seller does.Lastly, I apologize if you had trouble reaching our customer service; we have up to 100 representatives answering calls at any one time during business hours, but certain times of day are still busier than others.

Secureboxoffice - Overcharged

Conroe, Texas 0 comments

Just as other people have said, I was charged $35 each for $28 face value tickets, along with $30 in handling and shipping charges. Standard Shipping was FedEX--$15 there instead of regular mail, which I've had in the past with other companies. Haven't gone to the show yet, it's a concert at the Houston Rodeo, but now I'm concerned my tickets won't be where they say they are and won't include admission to the rodeo itself, as do concert tickets that are bought through Ticketmaster.

The ticket company also doesn't call itself Secure Box office until you get your tickets, so no way to check.

Ticket Scalpers!

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Secureboxoffice - Over charged for tickets from secure box office

Los Angeles, California 0 comments
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needless to say another 'rip off' in today's society.Read the very fine print everyone.

Google "Pantages" Threatre...and g you get a website unknowingly selling oyu tickets for almost twice the face value. Plus they charge their handling fees plus delivery charges... SECURE BOX OFFICE IS A RIP OFF !!!!

Called the real Pantages threatre... advise this company is using the Pantages name...

says nothing they can do about it... Spoke to a terrible customer service rep names "needo-yolanda"...just terrible!!

i requested a refund basically they SECURE BOX OFFICE tell you all their disclosures are on any 1 of thousands websites...RIP OFF !!!

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Secureboxoffice - Payed for premium got cheap seats

Aurora, Illinois 3 comments

Do not use this service.

I payed a premiun price for what was suppose to be great seats, front row when the tickets arrived they were not the seats selected but many rows back in the middle of the section.

When I call the broker that sent the tickets "ticket in time" I got what amounted to tough luck.

My complaints to the sucure box office went unawnsered. The phone number given was not in service. They did not response to my e mails.

Do not use this service.

Do not use this service.

Do not use this service.

Do not use this service.

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We were told by Secure Box Office we were buying front row seats on the Mezz level.When we got to our show we were seated in the last row at the back of the civic center.

Called to get things fixed and all we got were excuses and arguments. It's a scam. Don't use this service.

We paid more than double than the face value on the ticket.We had to save money for this special event and it was ruined.


The exact thing just happened to me. Bait and switch. Do not use this company!


We also bought Row R (floor) seats and got row RR- (Balcony) we thought we were getting $87 decent seats to LES MIS- instead we got LAST ROW and they were marked $21.75 tickets!? WE PAID OVER $250 for 2 nose bleeds seats! DO NOT USE THIS SECURE BOX OFFICE SITE- THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SAID "ALL SALES FINAL- NO REFUNDS (tough luck)

Secureboxoffice - Over charged for concert tickets

Minneapolis, Minnesota 19 comments
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I was looking for box office information on what I thought was the web site of specific theatre and I purchased 4 tickets to a show.When I hit submit nothing happened so I resubmitted my request and received a confirmation.

The next day when I noticed I hand't received an email receipt I called the company but their phone lines were down so I called my credit card company and found I was charged for 8 tickets. When I got through to the company they refused to refund. I also found they overcharged by over 30 percent of the actual ticket cost.

I felt scammed of about $500.00 and stuck with 4 tickets that I could never sell for what I paid.Do not purchase tickets from

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The same thing happened to us.They are dishonest.

Do not buy tickets here.Keep up the fight everyone!!


Buyer beware but their policy is written at the bottom of the order BEFORE you are asked to pay, the advertise that they sell tickets above prices charged by ticketmaster. We should be upset with ticketmaster allowing numerous scalping companies to purchase so many tickets, then ticketmaster advertises that their event is SOLD OUT so they don't have to worry because the event is sold out and they don't care what consumers have to pay for tickets


I recently bought 4 tickets to South Pacific.They were suppose to be Orchestra seats valued at $129.

When they arrived they were valued at $63. The cost of the tickets plus various charges came to $346 and change.

I agree DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!!They are scalpers NOT official sellers!!


This is the first time I have seen anyone support Secureboxoffice and I have to assume that staff are trying to game the review process.

I was charged over $250 for tickets to a Seattle performance of West Side story which had a face value of $40 each ($80 before service, etc).

I spoke with folks at the venue and they told me what I had discovered, do not trust this operation.

I will never deal with them again and the next time something pops up when I am buying tickets, I will take time to look for reviews of any company pretending to represent the theatre.

Hope this helps someone save some money.


We had a similar experience.Paid for first tier $135 seats and were sent $43 seats in the 2nd to last row of the theater.

The tickets were sent by Rave Review and purchased from ticketmaster.

IMO all parties participate in this scam - SecureBoxOffice, Rave Review, ticketmaster and the theaters.


My experience is very similar to what others have posted.I purchased Zone B floor tickets and when I received the tickets they were for Gallery B balcony seats.

I was charged $116 per ticket plus $24 per ticket service charge and $15 for delivery for a total of $295.00.When the tickets arrived They were marked at $38.50 per tickets and the company refused to cancel the tickets or refund any money.


To Account Management Team...I'm not sure that these complaints aren't without merit...

Nothing against the customer service reps.. but the company really doesn't mind taking advantage of anyone. Today I went to order tickets for Bil Cosby for my wife and I to take my parents for a gift. I went to the venue's site and when trying to order tickets..

somehow got to SecureBoxOffice.. Because the seats seemed to be overly priced.. I expected between $45 and $75, I called customer service at SecureBoxOffice.. I was told that was all the tickets available and the correct prices..

I took the cheepest which came to a total of $494. I felt sick to my stomach.. But, like I said, it was a gift.. Anyway, about an hour later..

I check again, this time I was taken to ticketmaster... After checking... the same seats(probably next to the ones I purchased) came to a total of $220 including fees. Now I really did feel sick!

The phrase more or less than the face value of the ticket should have read.. a lot more than the face value of the ticket... to the tune of $274 for me. I will and suggest to anyone else to never use secureboxoffice.

I've learned my lesson.. Oh.. I called the secureboxoffice..

and of course..there is nothing they can do.


terrible service; bad tickets; could have gotten better seats for less service fee from other venders or theatre itself


I am embarassed to admit that I did not research this company further when I purchased tickets for a Christmas present.I assumed that they would charge a normal handling and processing fee.

I paid 80$ per seat for 5 tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Sacramento. In addition to they charged $19.80 in handling charges for a total of $499.00. When we went to the event i found out I could have purchased much better seats for $31 each at the box office and saved $344.00.

When I contacted them I recieved a stock email reply with no offer to remedy the situation.Fool me once...



We also bought Row R (floor) seats and got row RR- (Balcony) we thought we were getting $87 decent seats to LES MIS- instead we got LAST ROW and they were marked $21.75 tickets!?



We too were sent low priced tickets when we ordered the $87 tickets to Les Mis - in row R- the $21.75 tickets were sent for row RR (last row) when i called their customer service ( on hold for 45 minutes) she said their site states NO REFUNDS - ALL SALES FINAL etc and she couldn't do anything for me!UNREAL!?

We paid 4xs what these tickets were worth!

I will not order angain- always use ticket master or drive down to box office?!



I purchased 2 tickets from Secure Box Office for South Pacific.The tickets arrived with another persons name on the tickets and they were purchased from Ticket Master by Secure Box Office.

The ticket price listed on the ticket was $25. Secure Box office charged $48 for these $25 tickets. The total for 2 tickets was $130 including fees and taxes.

I spoke to the box office at the Mahalia Jackson theater.They said I was scammed and advised me to buy tickets from the venue or from Ticket Master and no one else.


I recently bought tickets for So You Think You Can Dance.They were very expensive but they came up as the Official Secure website.

The price was $150, a $30 service fee and a $15 delivery charge to fedex them across town. When the tickets arrived, they were issued by Ticketmaster at 58.50 with a 11.59 service fee.

DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!!They are scalpers NOT official sellers!!


The incident did occur.It is great that others had a good experience.

I did not. This as the worst customer service experience I have ever had and I will never purchase tickets from secureboxoffice again and I will tell others as well. I recommend sticking with ticket master or the traditional box office where customers know who are they are purchasing from.

I have email evidence that is dated and time stamped showing that I did not receive a receipt until about 24 hours after ordering the tickets and received no receipt for the 2nd order.I did submit the order twice because I received no confirmation and like the comment above was mocked and told it was impossible.


I don't know what "Anonymous324" is talking about.My experience with was easy and swift.

There was no problem with buying the tickets I wanted and receiving confirmation. In fact I don't know what "Anonymous324" is talking about with the submit stuff. It's a simple pick your tickets and checkout to buy them. Same as most e-commerce sites.

I even called the company to double check that my order confirmation was, well, confirmed and the number got me right through to a very helpful representative. I was charged the amount the tickets were listed for plus tax+fees.

Pretty standard.And seeing the comment from the company's representative "Anonymous324" is apparently full of ***.


Great price, tickets got to me fast, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Overall a great experience. Thanks!


i was kinda sketched out when i first started looking at tickets on but they had all the legit seals and stamps for security so i went ahead and bought tickets.everything worked out fine.

i got my tickets, i was charged what the amount i agreed to.had a great time at the show!


It's too bad you didn't have a good experience.I can only attest to the opposite.

I had a great experience buying tickets for my daughter and her friend through Secure Box

Their website was easy for me to maneuver and I love that there was the option of calling in and ordering through a representative or buying online. I found ticket prices to be pretty good, I mean you get what you pay for in terms of seats, right? There was a wonderful option of filtering the tickets by how much you want to spend, very helpful!

The tickets arrived in a timely manner and my daughter could not have been happier with the concert and their seats.I highly recommend!



I am responding to this baseless complaint made by an anonymous commenter.The accusations made in the complaint are patently false. has connected thousands of fans with the tickets they want with very few complaints. It is impossible to accidentally order more tickets than desired, as our checkout requires clear confirmation to place an order. Our highly trained customer service staff is available every day of the week from 7 am to midnight, and never misses a call. Customers absolutely receive order e-mails immediately after placing their order as well.

It is disappointing the the commenter would intentionally mislead potential customers about the value of our service.But unfortunately, that is absolutely the case here.

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